Friday, April 4, 2014

Susiyam Recipe / Suyyam Recipe

                   To start about susiyam, each and everyone who have tasted susiyam will surely be a fan of it. It is a famous sweet of Down South Tamilnadu, especially in Tirunelveli and near by districts. This yummy sweet is made for most of the festive celebrations in my native.

                  In my childhood days, most of the weekends I will be in  my aachi's (grandma) house. During those days, my evening tea will be accompanied by these hot susiyams, vadas and bajji brought by my grandpa. Though it is very small village, the vada shops will be in the street corners and road sides only. But the taste will be heavenly (and clean in making also). I will be the first one to finish all the susiyams. Those days were just great. The kids of this generation are missing the warmth and comfort we had from our grandparents I suppose.

Prep Time 2 to 3 hrs
Cooking Time 20 mins


For the Filling
2 cups Bengal gram Lentil 
2 cups Jaggery Grated
3/4 cup Coconut ( Cut and chopped )
3 tbsp Till/Sesame Seeds (Black)
3-4 nos Cardomom
For frying Oil

For the outer cover
1 cup All purpose Flour/ Maida
2 tbsp Rice Flour
1 pinch of salt
As per needed water


1) First we have to soak the bengal gram for nearly 4 hrs. Then pressure cook the bengal gram for 2 whistles only and surely not more than that. It should not turn mushy.


2) Now we have to drain off the excess water. Dry the cooked bengal gram in a plate for nearly half an hour.


3) Slice the coconut, and chop it into small pieces. Put the kadai in medium flame, add 1 tsp ghee and roast the chopped coconut.
In other side grate the jaggery or powder it. Roast the till seeds till it splutters.


3) In a blender or mixer grinder we have to coarsely grind the cooked bengal gram. Just inch the mixer grinder so that it will not become so fine paste.
In medium flame, in a kadai add the grinded bengal gram along with all the above (coconut, jaggery and till seeds). Cook for 4-5 minutes until the jaggery melts. We can see that the whole contents rolling together when the jaggery melts. The switch off the stove and cool the contents.


4) Now we have to make balls out of the above contents and keep aside.
Meanwhile make the batter for the covering. Using all purpose flour/ maida, salt and water, make the batter like idli batter consistency.


5) Now heat the oil in kadai, let the flame be in low position. After the oil gets heated up, dip the rolled balls in the maida batter and put them in the heated oil. Once cooked one side turn to the other side.
Need not cook for long time. For one side one minute and other side one minutes that's all. Strain the oil and keep the cooked susiyams aside.


                        Yes, the yummmmy susiyams are finally done.


  • Instead of pressure cooking the bengal gram you can also cook it. But it should not turn mushy.
  • If in case u cannot rolls the balls out of the mixture, means the mixture is too loose, just add the powdered poha/ aval and mix well. Now you can roll the balls.



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  1. Iam a biģggggggggg fan of susiyam. When ever my mom is making susiyam, that day breakfast, lunch and dinner was susiyam to me. I love this susiyam a lot.