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Preparation of Butter / Home Made Butter


                       When I went through an article about butter, I came to know about the benefits of butter and that's why Lord Krishna was back of it. It is heart healthy and has lots of anti ageing properties in it. And home made butter is always 200% pure.

                      In my childhood days, I remember my Aachi ( grandmother) and Amma, churning the buttermilk/curd to separate the butter which in turn is transformed into ghee. When my mother was in short of time, she tried the same process with mixer grinder. That was more easy (difficulty only in washing the mixer jar). So the process is well defined for me.

Prep time  8- 10 days ( For collection and fermentation of the milk cream)
Cooking time 20 - 30 mins


Collected Milk Cream 
2 tsp Curd (For fermentation of collected Milk Cream)
2 tsp Curry Leaves
1 bottle Cold water

Procedure ( Explained Step by step)

Step 1:
First we have to boil the milk and keep it aside to cool down. Now you can see a layer of milk cream formed above the milk (the bubbled one).

Step 2:
Refrigerate the milk so that the collection of the milk cream will become easier.

Step 3:
Collect the milk cream alone in a container and store it in refrigerator. Repeat the same process and collect the milk cream for nearly one week.

Step 4:
After that no need to refrigerate the collected cream, instead you will have to ferment using the curd.
Add 2 tsp of curd to the collected milk cream and mix well. 

Step 5:
Now we have to allow it to ferment. 

  •  For hot regions only one day is enough for fermenting.
  •  For cold climate it takes two days to ferment. 
  •  No need to allow it to ferment for more than that because the collected cream should not get spoil't.

Step 6:
The next step is to churn the collected milk cream to obtain the butter out of it. I used the mixer grinder along with some chilled water.

Step 7:
Put the fermented milk cream till half of the mixer jar. Then switch on the mixer for nearly two minutes (in position 1). Then add some chilled water and again switch on the mixer for one minute (in position 1). Now you could see the butter getting separated. 

Step 8:
Transfer the contents into a wide opened vessel so separating the butter will be easy. Using your hand move butter aside, such that all is collected in one side. The picture shows the buttermilk and the butter.Separate the butter and buttermilk


  Hence the butter obtained. The butter milk obtained is fat free and can be consumed. This butter milk is Diabetic Friendly.

  • The buttermilk can be used for moor kuzhambhu also.

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