Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sprouting of Mung Beans at Home / Home made Sprouts

                       According to me gardening is a great joy. When I see new leaf or bud just sprouting out, I will feel I have achieved something great. I have the same pleasure when I make a beans/seeds to sprout.

                     As we all know sprouts are more healthy than the normal beans. One of my friend says that digesting the sprouted beans is more easy (no gastric problems caused) than the normal ones . So, happy to post this sprouting method.


Step 1:
    First we have to wash the Moong Dhal thoroughly and soak it overnight or say 7-8 hours. Water level should be such that the moong beans are fully immersed and 1 inch level more than the level of moong dhal.

Step 2:
    On the next day we could see that the moong dhal is completely swollen. Drain the remaining water. Sometimes you could see some dhal sprouted.

Step 3:
    Transfer the swollen moong dhal to a Casserole or hot pack or an air tight container. Close the container and let it aside overnight or 9-10 hours. 

Step 4:
    We could see the moong dhal/ mung beans sprouted on the next day.

       And finally done with the sprouting of mung beans.

Method 2:

              This method is same as the above, but instead of a air tight container we are going to use a cloth.

  • Same process till Step 2. 
  • Then we have to drain the excess water and transfer the beans to a wet cotton or muslin cloth.
  • Hang the cloth (with mung beans) in a room with good circulation of air for nearly 5-6 hours.
  • Then keep the cloth in a vessel and close it. Let it aside overnight.
  • On the next day we could see the sprouts.


         I always prefer for the method 1 only, because sometimes during hanging the wet cloth (method 2) we could see the fruit flies on wet cloth (I will feel irritated). 


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