Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Karupatti Kappi (Coffee) / Coffee flavored with Palm Jaggery

                     My most of the childhood summer days, I will be in my grandmas house. In that village, there will be many Palm farms, Paddy fields and so on. Everyday morning I will go along with my mama (mother's brother) to have the Pathaneer (sugary sap extract from palm) and Nungu (Palm fruit). The tasty will be so yummy that none of the milk shakes and fruit juices can give . We used to have lots of palm jaggery stored in our houses. Hence very often my mother makes this Karupatti coffee(Coffee flavoured with Palm Jaggery) and used for making kanjis(porridge) also. As it is nature's gift, it is absolutely good for our health.       


                     First let me explain about Palm Jaggery and making. Palm Trees are found in Southern Part of India. The first extract of the palm juice is boiled at high temperatures, along with a little salt. The added salt then acts as a preservative and also prevents the jaggery from becoming too sweet. When cooled, it is poured into a long cone made of palm leaves.The preservation of the final product is done by wrapping the cone with rice straws. Then the jaggery is cut into disc shapes. After it dries, the jaggery is being stored in an air-tight container which preserves it for nearly one year.

                       This has lots of medicinal values that it can be used by all age groups. It is rich in calcium, iron and diabetic friendly too.  And finally into the recipe. Having a cup coffee in a wet and cool morning is always gratifying and that too a healthier one. 

Prep time 5 mins
Cooking time 10 mins


2 tbsp Palm Jaggery (Crushed) 
2-3 tsp Ground Coffee Powder 
1 cup Milk (warm)
2 cups Water


1) In a sauce pan pour water and add the palm jaggery along with it. In medium flame allow the palm jaggery to melt in water completely. Once melted add the coffee powder and again allow it to boil for 2-3 minutes. Once done remove from the flame.


2) Then strain the impurities from the above coffee and palm jaggery decotion.

Add warm milk and ready to be served.

  • Adding of hot milk will curdle the milk and the whole coffee will get spoilt.
  • Adding Instant coffee powder will not work.

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