Friday, July 10, 2015

Amla,Ginger and lemon juice with honey for kids

                   Diet, has become a common word today, used regardless of ages. In earlier days, the adults and elders were dieting, but now even children are urged to maintain a proper diet. The big reason behind this is the increased use of the white sugar. Avoid Three Whites (sugar, rice and milk by products) is the regular advice by doctors these days.

                  Memorializing my childhood days in my grandparents house., we used to have morning coffee made with palm jaggery and juices in any form made with honey only and no sugar at all. When as a kid, would refuse spicy side dishes, so honey accompanied my idlis and dosas.

                  Any indigestion problem, my grandma's first aid would be juice made with ginger and honey. All sort of indigestion would have been vanished, for the above drink. Now me as a homemaker, practising the same simple and healthy (yet no side effects) medicine for my family, when necessary. 
Kids would also go for this drink as honey is added.

                         These days, when I am out for shopping, that too for jean pants, could hardly find the normal ones. It is like, almost the store would have turned for slim fit items, from jean pants to kurtis, etc. So my choice now is to turn slim. If you are also of this category, then give a try with this yummy juice recipe.

                         Your Honey Diet with amla, ginger, lemon. Commonly known that warm water with honey and lemon would help in reducing your weight. Ginger is also a key ingredient when aiming for weight loss. Amla as we all know is good for health, hair, skin and complexion. Hence this absolute Honey Diet would help you in many ways. 

Prep time 15 mins
Cooking time Nil


3 nos Gooseberry (Chopped and Deseeded) 
1 inch sized Ginger
1 tbsp Lemon Juice (or Juice from Half Lemon) 
1 tbsp Honey
1 cup of Water


1. Remove the seeds and chop the gooseberry. In a blender put the chopped gooseberry and ginger and blend it. Then add a cup of water and again blend it.

2. Now strain the extracted juice and add the lemon juice. Add honey and mix well.

3. Your ultimate juice is ready.


  • For diluting the juice more water can be added.
  • If needed honey can be substituted by salt, but kids love honey.

                                   Even kids would relish this juice. Ingredients added in this juice makes this juice a complete for all ages.


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