Monday, July 6, 2015

Papaya Lime Smoothie

                                    Making Smoothies are always irresistible. That too when trying new combos out the the fruits you like, is something better. I am fond of eating papaya fruit from my childhood days. My grandma always insist us (me n my sissy) on eating papaya fruits. We were lucky enough to eat those fruits, highly farm fresh. We right away pluck it from the tree and enjoy it(after washing and peeling done). One interesting thing that would happen is, we would let the papaya to ripe on the tree(for having it on the next day). But on the next day,  monkeys would be more smarter than us and have these fruits, before us. Usually there used to be a big competition between us and monkeys, to get the best and ripen one. (either papaya or other fruits in our garden).

Prep time 10 mins
Cooking time Nil


1 cup Papaya (Deseeded and Chopped) 
1 tbsp  Lime juice 
1 tbsp Honey (optional)


1.  Leave off skin( green color). Deseed the papaya and chop it.

2. Then in a blender put the chopped papaya and blend it until smooth.  Add the extracted lime juice and just blend for a second (if mixer grinder just inch it). Add honey also if needed.

3. Transfer it to a container. Now the papaya lime smoothie is ready to be served.If necessary add ice cubes.

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