Sunday, February 23, 2014

Urad Dal Vada/ Medhu Vadai / Uluntham Paruppu Vadai

                       This post is a very very special post for me, because the clicks made for this recipe was with my Canon EOS, gifted by my sissy for my blogging. Thanks a lot dear.

                       Medhu Vadai / Uluntha Vadai ( Urad dhal vada) is one of the mouthwatering dish when I think about having in my native. Uluntha vadai served with kara chutney or coconut chutney along with sambhar is an unbeatable combo. For my travel to my native, starting from Bangalore on the previous night and reaching on the next day morning to Tirunelveli, we break up for coffee (as we have to continue our journey for two more hours). During that time I will add Uluntha vadai with coffee. A perfect combo. And so my day will get fulfilled.

                     On my initial making of uluntha vadai i end up only with bondas (they are like ball shaped vadas) . Then I managed to make a little perfect vadas by practice. Now a days i dont add chilly (instead i add pepper) to this recipe because my kid is sometimes interested in eating these vadas.

                   My Mother in Law uses split urad dhal with skin for making these vadas. She will soak the urad dhal for 2 hours and remove off the skin by washing . My MIL will wash perfectly that there is not even a single skin found ( for me this it as a bit difficult process). But I use only whole urad dhal without skin for this preparation.

Prep time 2 hours ( For soaking the urad dhal)
Cooking time 20-25 mins


1 cup  Urad Dhal ( whole without skin)
12-15 nos Small Onion ( if big onion-1)
2 nos Green chilly
1 inch sized Ginger
1 spring curry leaves
2 tbsp coriander leaves chopped finely
2 pinch hing
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/4 tsp pepper crushed (optional)
as per taste Salt
as needed Water
as needed Oil ( For Frying)


For Grinding the Batter

  • Soak the urad dhal for 2 hours.
  • Grinding can be done either in mixer grinder or wet grinder. But using wet grinder will yeild to better results.
  • After transferring to the grinder donot add more water, just sprinkle the water in intervals for the dough should not get struck in between.
  • The consistency of the batter should be like the butter consistency, so that you will get the perfect vadas
  • For checking if the batter has grinded properly, just dip your fingers in water and then to the grinded batter. The batter should not stick to your fingers. Hence the check done.

            The batter is ready now. Now chop the onion, green chilies, ginger, curry leaves and the coriander leaves. Add the crushed jeera and crushed pepper and salt. Mix the batter well so that all the ingredients are uniformly mixed.

            Heat the oil in the kadai. In your left hand take a polythene cover grease it with oil. Dip you right hand in wtaer and take some batter so that the batter will not stick to your hands. Put the batter to the polythene sheet and pat it to get a round shape using your right hand. And put a hole in the center of the batter. 

          Again dip your right hand in water and transfer the patted batter into the kadai. Keep the stove in medium flame. Turn the vada both sides so that it gets firm. wait till you get the golden brown. Then your vada is ready.


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