Friday, February 21, 2014

Broken Wheat Pongal

                           For many, books are their sleeping pills, I am also a member of the same club. That too engineering books are like rapid effective pills. Ven Pongal too falls under the same category. But I suppose that this broken wheat pongal does not make you as drowsy as ven pongal.

                         Being a diabetic my mother in law just hates chappatis. So I try different recipes which are diabetic friendly. And so came the broken wheat pongal. This recipe came out well as it tasted the same as ven pongal. My MIL also relished in eating a different diabetic recipe.



Prep time  10 mins
Cooking time 20 mins


2/3 cup Broken Wheat/ Daliya

1/3 cup Moong Dhal
1 Green Chilly Slit(optional)
1 inch sized Ginger chopped
2 cups Water
As per taste Salt

To Temper

2 tbsp Ghee
2 tsp Cumin Seeds
1 tsp Pepper
2 tsp Curry leaves
6-7 Cashews (optional)


  1. Start with dry roasting the moong dhal just for two minutes. 
  2. Next take the measured broken wheat and roasted moong dhal in a pressure cooker. Add the slit green chilly and chopped ginger along with the water in cooker. 
  3. Now in a kadai add the ghee and put all the ingredients (under the temper). When the ghee is hot add the pepper, followed by cumin seeds, curry leaves and finally cashews.  
  4. Mix the ingredients in kadai and along with the ingredients in cooker. Add salt as required.
  5. Now close the cooker and put in high flame, once the steam comes put the cooker weight and reduce the flame and keep in sim position. Wait for ten minutes, then put off the stove.
  6. After the steam escapes fully open the cooker and mix it with laddle so that all the ingredients are evenly spread.
  7. The tasty diabetic friendly broken wheat pongal is ready.
 Sambar and coconut chutney along with any pongal variety is a divine combination.