Friday, February 7, 2014

Manathakkali Keerai Poriyal

              Manathakkali keerai known as Kaachi Soppu in Kannada, and Black nightshade in English.
In most of the villages in TamilNadu this manathakkali plant is found grown in abundant.  
            When I was small I remember my grandma suggesting these leaves as a medicine for mouth and stomach ulcers. Usually in my native, while removing the unwanted plants grown in the paddy fields, if these manathakkali plants are found they don't remove it, but allow it to grow.

          All the parts of this plant is used in either ways. Leaves, flowers is used for kootu, poriyal, etc. The ripen and unripe fruit (Black Nightshade fruit) of manathakalli is used for making kuzhambu. The fruits are dried and then soaked in buttermilk for some days and then dried. This processed ones are used  in vatha kuzhambu ( famous dish of Tamilnadu)

Prep time 20-30 mins ( For cleaning the Greens)
Cooking time 10-15 mins

1 bunch Manathakkali Keerai ( Cleaned and Chopped)
2 tbsp Moong Dhal
as per taste Salt

For Seasoning
2 tsp Oil
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
Green Chilly
Dried Chilly 
2 Small Onion (Sambhar Onion)
Few Curry Leaves

For Garnishing
2 tbsp Coconut Scrapped


The initial step is cleaning the Keerai kattu/ Greens bundle. Cleaning is removing the twigs off and collecting the leaves and flowers. Need not throw the flowers away. Cleaning is followed by chopping of the leaves.

Soak the moong dhal for 10 minutes seperately.

Then in a Kadai, put some oil, followed by mustard seeds. Letting the mustard seeds to splutter, put the chopped Onion, Green chilly and Red chilly and the curry leaves. Now put the soaked moong dhal and the cleaned and chopped greens/ manathakkali keerai. Just saute for few minutes, then sprinkle some water and close the kadai with a lid. Check if the keerai/ greens is half boiled, add salt at this stage.
Again allow it to cook for few more minutes. If the Kadai has gone dry sprinkle some more water.
After it is fully cooked switch off, the keeari poriyal is done.

Finally garnish with Scrapped Coconut.

                 Note:  No need for cooking the moong dhal seperately, as it will be over cooked and turn mushy.
As we are soaking the moong dhal, the moong will surely be cooked.

                          Care should be taken that the poriyal should not turn watery, so just sprinkle as required.

The tasty and healthy manathakkali keerai poriyal is ready to be served with rice for sambhar, kara kulambhu, etc. My sissy loves to eats poriyals as such itself.

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  1. Never heard of manathakkali keerai poriyal ?!!!!
    Nice healthy recipe! Love your clicks and the innovations in them !