Friday, December 5, 2014

Citrus Blast Smoothie with Orange, Papaya and Watermelon....

                       Nowadays people are more health conscious and many go for cleansing sections. The word cleansing may sound new to us, but was practised and being practised by many people in India through fasting. Many do fasting in the name of some god, and will have only fruits and some liquids on those days. The science behind fasting is the cleansing or cleaning our whole body.
                                        This smoothie has oranges, papaya and watermelon. All the above fruits have vitamin C, anti cancerous and much more. Intake of vitamin C rich food is always good for our skin. Hence increases the skin supple too..

Prep time 15 mins
Cooking time Nil


1 cup Papaya (Deseeded and Chopped) 
1 cup Watermelon (Deseeded and Chopped) 
1 number Orange (Deseeded and Chopped)
1 tbsp Honey (optional)


1. Leave off skin( green color). Deseed the papaya and watermelon and chop it.

2. Peel the orange, deseed and chop them.

3. Then in a blender put the chopped oranges, melon and papaya and blend it until smooth. Add honey also if needed.

4. Transfer it to a container. Now the orange, papaya and watermelon smoothie is ready to be served.If necessary add ice cubes.

  •             Since oranges are also included adding honey will be more of sweet taste. 

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