Friday, March 21, 2014

Idiyappam (String Hoppers)

                  Idiyappam is one of my most favorite dish. I am always a very big fan of Kerala food recipes. When working in Techno park in Trivandrum ( Kerala) I just enjoyed the food served in that PG ( paying guest). Idiyappam is a famous food of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka too.

               My amma(mother) is a very big expert in making idiyappam. She makes such a soft idiyappam ( it will just melt in mouth). Whenever we have guest in my house she will just make these idiyappams so easily and very fast and served along with coconut milk and veg kurma. I am a very big fan of her always as all.

            For making soft idiyappams we have to add hot water for kneading the flour. For making these idiyappams there are many types of the idiyappam makers available nowadays. Here I have displayed the basic types of idiyappam makers.

Prep time 15 mins
Cooking time 20 mins                 


2 cups Rice Flour

2- 3 cups Water 
As per taste Salt


Images of Idiyappam Maker.

The wooden one(first) is press type and the metal one (second) is screw type


1. First in a wide opened vessel put the rice flour. In another vessel pour the water along with salt and boil the water until it is rolling hot.


2. Then pour the hot water little by little and mix along with rice flour for kneading the dough. While kneading the dough use the back portion of ladle(the stick like) instead of front one, so that the kneading will be easier. Knead the dough until they become soft.


3. Take small portions of kneaded dough in the idiyappam maker and press it onto the greased idli moulds.


4. After pressing the dough in the idli mould close the idli cooker and let it cook in high flame. Your idiyappam will get cooked in less than 10 minutes (say 8 mins). Then transfer the cooked idiyappam into another vessel and continue the process of making idiyappams again.

  • Good quality and well roasted rice flour will give soft idiyappams.
  • After kneading the dough close the dough with a moist cloth so that the dough will not turn dry.
  • How to check the idiyappam is cooked? 
  •                            Take a spoon, dip the spoon in water and then poke the idiyappam, if cooked it will not stick on the spoon.

                          This idiyappam goes well with coconut milk, veg stew, veg kurma . I love eating these idiyappams simply by adding grated coconut(fresh) and sugar.


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