Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gulab Jamun Recipe (using Khoya/ Kova)

                      Now a days Gulab Jamun is like a must dessert served in many functions(marriages). We can see Hot gulab jamuns served along with cold ice creams as dessert in many parties. When ice-creams are there I will never move to the second option ( I am not a big fan of gulab jamun too)
                    In many Hindi serials I have seen people making these jamuns which are dark brown in colour. Tried for these dark brown jamuns(using instant mix) and resulted only in over frying of the jamuns. And finally got the secret broken by my friend Priya. The secret ingredient is khoya.

                     She used to tell me that intially she made the khoya(home made) and then the jamuns. But now she buys readymade khoya and makes these jamuns. She makes such a perfect jamuns and so I clicked when she made these jamuns. And finally sharing with you all.

Prep time 20 mins
Cooking time 20 mins


1 cup Khoya/ Khova (Unsweetened)
2 tbsp Maida (All purpose flour)
As needed Oil  (For Deep Frying)

For Making Sugar Syrup
1& 1/2 cup Sugar
1& 1/2 cup Water
2-3 nos Cardamom


1) First in a wide opened vessel put the khoya and crumble it. Add the maida little by little for kneading the jamun dough.


2) Add maida and water little by little for kneading the dough. Be careful while adding water.
Knead the dough until you get oily in your hand.


3) After kneading the dough we have to make balls out of it.
Keep the kneaded dough aside for 5 minutes and then make balls out of it. While making the balls need not pressurize. By rolling smooth the balls can be made.


4) Meanwhile we will have to prepare the sugar syrup with sugar, water and cardamom. In medium flame we will have to boil for nearly 10 minutes. Switch off and set the syrup aside for putting the jamuns. The syrup will be light yellow in colour.


5) Next is to fry the jamuns. In a kadai add oil ( or oil+ghee) and bring the oil hot. Keep the flame in medium for frying the jamuns.
Put the balls in the heated oil. 


6) We can see the balls turning by itself after getting cooked on one side. After the balls are fully cooked put it in the sugar syrup.


Fry all the balls and put in the sugar syrup. Finally the gulab jamuns are made.

  • The jamuns will taste more good on the next day after getting fully soaked.
  • While frying the balls, fry less balls. Need not put more balls in the oil.
  • You can add half oil and ghee instead of oil fully.
  • If you wish you can also add rose essence finally.