Saturday, July 26, 2014

Achu Murukku Recipe without Egg / Rose Cookies Eggless using Palm Jaggery

                                   Achu murukku may sound new to many, but one who have tasted it will surely be addicted to the taste of it.  I am a very big fan of this achu murukku, so wherever I see the name achu murukku I will feel like, found something which I have lost (related to my childhood memories). Waiting for our arrival (during vacations) my grandma will be stacking this achu murukku in big containers. Myself along with my cousins will fight, break, share and eat this achu murukku. Lovely memories.

                             About this achu murukku, is of two types, for vegetarians and for eggetarians. In the below recipe I have made it with palm jaggery and no egg is used. Adding palm jaggery gives more and enriched taste, but the colour of these murukku’s will turn more brown in colour.
                            On the other hand, making the murukku with sugar will be a bit difficult process as coconut milk should be extracted and be added along with it. But the murukku's will be little white in colour in this case.

Prep time 2-3 hours ( For soaking the raw rice)
Cooking time 40-50 mins


Mold for making Achu murukku
2 cups Raw rice
1 cup Palm jaggery /Jaggery Crushed
1 tbsp Till Seeds/ Ellu (Black)
2-3 nos Cardamom Crushed (optional)
as needed Water
as needed Oil ( For Frying)


1) First soak the raw rice for 2-3 hours. Then make smooth batter out of it.(Grind it very fine). The batter should not be very watery.


2) Then powder the palm jaggery and make syrup out of it by adding very little water.


3) While you soak the rice itself, soak the murukku mold in water. Then dry the murukku mold and wipe off if moisture is present.
Pour the oil in the kadai and let the oil get heated. Put the murukku mold in hot oil and let the mold get heated.


4) Now with the grinded batter, add the strained palm jaggery syrup, till seeds and crushed cardamom. Mix all the ingredients together.
The batter is ready for the mold to be dipped in.


5) Do not completely dip the mold into the batter, instead dip the batter only half of the mold (or 3/4 of the mold). (If the mold is dipped fully the murukku will not come out).
Put the dipped batter in mold, into the hot oil.


6) Using a spoon just remove of the murukku from mold and let it fry in the oil. When one side is fried, turn to the other side and let it fry.


7) After the boiling sound stops, strain off the oil and keep the boiled murukku aside. Meantime keep the mold in the boiling hot oil, let the mold gets heated upon. After that once again keep continue the process of making murukku by dipping in batter.


  •     It is a must that the murukku mold be heated up in the oil after each and every murkku is made. Because, only when the mold is heated the batter will stick to it. If the mold is not properly heated the batter will not stick to it.


  •    While grinding the batter it should not be very watery. It should be a bit thick (thicker than idli batter consistency) as we are going to add the jaggery syrup.
  •    Instead of palm jaggery, normal jaggery can also be used.
  •    Do not dip the mold fully, so that the murukku will not come out.

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